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Every day, most of us interact with content in a variety of ways. We go to a website and we spend an hour there - we make a judgement call: that piece of content is interesting. We go to another one and stay there for 2 seconds. That content was boring or useless to us in that context. But all this judgement on the content is often lost - certainly lost for us, the users.

More than our opinions on the content itself, the way each of us interacts with digital content reflects our state of mind when dealing with a certain topic, our level of focus and productivity, the way we learn and the way we work. And understanding all of this: what drives focused and productive stretches of time, how we get ideas and what we need to push through a deadline, this is all powerful information that can ultimately make us work better and, more importantly, be happier while we work.

Personal data is a tremendously useful asset but at the moment there just aren't that many tools out there that will help the user obtain the type of powerful learning from his data that will actually enable him to improve his work-life. Beagli is set out to remedy this. We are a small team passionate about personal analytics and its potential. We are building Beagli to give users a tool that will help them take their digital data and use it to understand their lives and their patterns of behaviour more in-depth than ever before.