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  • Too many things to do and too little time?
    Machine learning to help you improve your focus and time management
  • Build better online habits. Prioritize like a ninja
    Next generation automated time tracking tool

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Is Beagli for you?

  • Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or do you work from home?
  • Do you find yourself spending a lot of time online but end up achieving little?
  • Do you jump from one thing to another without crossing anything off your to­do list?
  • If so, our productivity and time management tool can help.
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How does it work?

  • All your browsing history neatly organized into a calendar of all the topics you’ve been researching, when you’ve been researching them. Understand what you spend your time doing, but also more than that: easily retrieve links that you thought were gone forever and use it as a research aide.
  • Build a view of your digital existence. As you store more and more data, you’ll be able to get a picture of what you do day in day out. In 3, 6, 12 months time you’ll be able to go back and visualize your progress.
  • Spot correlations between events, find out things you never realized about your behaviour and trace back what happened in a precise moment
  • More features are upcoming in our future releases. We’re building it as we speak.